In today’s era, the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution assures every citizen the right to counsel, a speedy trial, access to witnesses, and an impartial jury. 
There are a number of threats to providing an impartial jury, especially in cases that are well known to the media. 

             · Identify what options are available to the courts to ensure the fundamental fairness that may be threatened by media exposure. 
             · Explain potential threats that exist when trying to protect the rights of the accused from a media frenzy. 
             · In a world that seems to record everything, describe how that presents an additional challenge to due process? 
             · Identify one other threat to due process and successfully providing an impartial trial. 

For this assignment, please write a three-page paper that addresses the questions posed above. Further, research three recent or historical cases about the Sixth Amendment. 

You must be sure to provide a full synopsis of each case to support your viewpoints and statements about challenges to due process. 

Choose the single most important aspect of the Sixth Amendment and defend your position about why it is the most important—be sure to include a discussion of what would be the impact if that aspect was omitted from the Sixth Amendment. 

You must follow APA guidelines for the citation of your sources, both in-text and on your reference page.

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