American Government

Extra Credit Paper: You MAY CHOOSE to write ONE, AND ONLY ONE, of the following essays for extra credit as mentioned above — Total possible points are 10 for an A and 5 for a B. Late extra credit papers are not accepted. Please note, my offer to proofread a draft essay does not apply to extra credit essays, but I will gladly discuss your ideas and questions if you wish. Extra credit essays must meet the same standard as the 100 point essays with 900-1300 words and professional presentation.

EXTRA CREDIT ONLY: Social Movements Write an essay about the social movement or issue that you choose to research for our class discussion in week 15 of the syllabus. You will have learned a great deal about the issue or movement from your research. In class, we will talk about general concepts and theory relating to social movements and extra-institutional politics. Write an essay in which you analyze your social movement or issue in light of the theoretical discussion in class. Be sure you use the concepts and terms introduced in class. Write a 900-1300 word paper conforming to the standards the 100 point essays in this syllabus and submit it through Canvas only.

EXTRA CREDIT ONLY: Presidential Biography: Read a scholarly biography of a US President who served as president sometime after 1900. Based on that biography, write a 900-1300 word essay evaluating the contributions that president made to the governing system and history of our country. Be certain that you discuss his exercise of constitutional powers along with some of the governing challenges he faced. You may not reference any other books or any web-based resources except the biography that you chose to read. Prove to me that you read the biography and took it seriously – You can do so by the depth of your analysis and your citations tied to the biography.

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EXTRA CREDIT ONLY: HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE, By Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt Read the book, HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE, By Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt. Write a 900- 1300 word essay summarizing and analyzing the overall thesis of this book. This essay must be focused on your understanding of this book – DO NOT use other web sources or other people’s analysis of the book. Prove to me that you read the book and took it seriously – You can do so by the depth of your analysis and your citations tied to the biography. NOTE: I know Steven Levitsky from our time sharing an office at UC Berkeley. He is among the smartest, and one of the kindest people I know. For more information on American Government read this:

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