Analysis Advantages And Challenges Of Strategic Human Resource Management

In order to run effectively a firm, leaders and managers must develop insight strategies that have large influence on the development of the business. Recently, a lot of companies realize the growing Importance of human resources that Influences on how successful the enterprises will be. Initially, we should have an understanding what strategic human resource management is. Strategy of Human Resource Management Is seen as an approach that mentions how the long-term business alms and outcomes of organization will be supported and acquired through a strategic framework and people.
This approach consists of some typical human resource components like recruitment, quality, payroll and discipline, and work cooperatively with employees to promote and improve the quality of work experience, and maximize the benefits of employment for both employers and employees. (observationally. Com) Moreover, the importance of human resource management is undeniable. It can be said that one of the most important assets of an organization is human resource, because this function is taken as the link between business and the employees, helping the business to find talented and potential employees to Andre high positions.
This assignment will analysis advantages and challenges of strategic human resource management, and what strategies can a firm implement to handle these problems. MAIN BODY 2. 1 . Advantages Firstly, helps business to monitor their progress. Human resource management strategy may be able to help the firms monitor their progress toward reaching their stated objectives and alms. In fact, a lot of strategic plans seem to depend on functions or the support and cooperation of individual and employees departments within the company.

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This approach play an important role to make sure that the impasses will certainly implement the all the strategic plan’s components In the best way that is timely and effectively. In addition, the good point of this is also based on the relationship between business strategy and human resource management in which the organization’s executives and their human resource function are continuously monitoring one another’s progress and adjusting processes for the advantages of the firms and their employees.
Secondly, SHIRR helps to keep the business comply with the laws and regulations that are related to employees, salaries, etc. In fact, although the policies governing equines are complicated and they may also difference between Jurisdictions, SHIRR enables the organizations to make sure their strategic plans are presently legal, and it will implement necessary adjusting In order to adapt rapidly to changing in time and legal circumstances. (Broadly, 2013) 2. 2. Challenges: advantages of this matter in the above paragraph, and we now will come to several challenges.
There are some basic challenges that companies will be facing when practicing strategic human resource management: Initially, human resource strategic initiatives sometimes are seen counterproductive r irrelevant because of a failure to get clearly the strategic needs of the enterprise. This is often met by human resource managers and strategists as they attempt to make strategic initiatives come true. This trouble can become a complicated one if factors such as cultural and environment that have great influence on the content and development of the strategies are not been an adequate and accuracy assessment.
It is not always easy to put the strategies into practice, because even though it may be Judged good or are the most popular at that period, but if it does to fit the company’s requirements, it is cannot get adopted. Besides, an initiative is taken, but lack of the support and implementation in isolation. This means that it may be negatively impacted or ineffective on other areas of human resource practice, or lack of comprehensive systems approach, which is also a major barrier. Lingual, 2013) Another obstacle is that enterprises possibly will face to problem in aging workforce. It is fact that, average life expectancy of people today are increasing, “the curve of early retirement is flattened out, and people are staying on the Job longer,” says Neal Cutler, PhD, executive director of the Center on Aging of the Motion Picture and Television Fund in Woodland Hills, California. (Beastie, 2008) This could lead to an increase in the retirement age for employees and officials.
This can be considered as a difficulty in implementing human resource management strategy. The reason is that as we know Strategic Human Resource Management serves the long-term goals of the business, thus although many older employees have good skills and experience to serve and solve the task in working, but in the current trend when the economy market ever-changing, ways in working become more flexible and less framework than before, accidental their working methods may be outdated and cumbersome.
This might be able to cause negative impact on the successful of the organizations. 2. 3. Solutions to overcome challenges Therefore, in order to solve the problems of human resource management strategy, organization ought to recognize the business needs and culture of corporate, and some internal and external factors. An examination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the organization is facing is also crucial.
According to his basic information, human resource managers will have an overall view to assess the overall situation and the company’s requirements, thereby formulating appropriate strategies. After that, human resource managers should find the support of top or line managers, or employees generally. These people can help to give advice in case of need and to communicate the intentions and rationale of strategy. Then, managers should prepare action plans, make sure that they spell out clearly what problems when they arise during implementation progress.
Finally, managers need to follow up and evaluate the whole process to ensure things are on track. Angstrom, 2000) For the second problem, apart from closely inputs recruitment, companies should select the old employees who are truly capable and suitable to the business’s working environment to continue to keep their places, and should fire ones having no adaptability to ensure that companies company operating under a certain axis of rotation.
Alternatively, the company could open training courses, where the older employees can be trained more on new knowledge, which is more suitable for the modern working environment. The downside of this is the companies will have to Penn a certain amount of money on training, however, with the combination of skills, extensive experience, and the modern working methods, can create talented employees.

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