Analytical Essay

Analyze a text through close reading: Students’ essays should demonstrate a comprehension of the text and an ability to engage in thoughtful analysis of relevant details of the text. In addition to other issues that might be explored by students in this essay, the essay should exhibit a clear understanding of the author’s thesis, style/genre and structure

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Given a thesis topic or exploratory question (or arriving at one of their own), students will provide appropriate support for their argument, incorporating logic and, careful observation, Part of that support will include use of confirming and opposing evidence relevant to the topic. After gathering valid evidence, students will be asked to evaluate and synthesize that evidence as the basis for their own valid conclusions on the topic or question


Can be about any of these topics:



Women’s rights/issues

Political systems

Social systems/structures

Roles and responsibilities/rights of individuals


Industrial revolution


Reason/facts vs. wonder/imagination


Sources can be any of these readings :

Shakespeare, Macbeth

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, The Answer

Dickens, Hard Times

Darwin, The Origin of Species

Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground

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