Analyze/evaluate arguments, interpretations or beliefs; Clarify the issues;… 1 answer below »

I could use some help with this assignment please. It is due Wednesday and I'm having trouble getting it done. Below are the instructions and I have attached a file with the article and questions. Can you help me?Instructions: This assignment is designed to assess your critical thinking skills and demonstrate that the world is far more complex than you think. Critical thinking means absorbing important information and using that to take a position, rather than just spouting off your opinion or how you feel. This doesn't always come naturally to us, but luckily, it's something we can train ourselves to do better.

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In this assignment, I want you to: Distinguish relevant from irrelevant facts; Recognize contradictions and dilemmas; Analyze/evaluate arguments, interpretations or beliefs; Clarify the issues; Evaluate evidence and alleged facts; Clarify values and standards; and Reason dialectically, that is, evaluate perspectives, interpretations or theories.

After you’ve collected this data, take a step back and look at it, look at different possibilities, be imaginative with that data to see is there anything that you didn't think of beforehand. Is your mind still open? Is there another way to look at this? One way to know whether you are reading with an open mind is to ask, what is the counter argument? And what information supports that side?

Since this is a course on ethics, there is an ethical dilemma* here. As you think about the case, examine the dilemma from different ethical perspectives.

Your answers will be assessed for their point of view, how well you analyze the issues, relevance, coherence, logic, depth, and consistency. You should incorporate your learning from all the chapters you've read so far and do additional web research as necessary. Be sure any statements you make are factual and supported. As always, cite all sources.

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