Anatomy and Physiology


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Describe the structure and function of the lymphatic tissue (lymph fluid, vessels, ducts, and organs)
Describe the structure and function of the primary and secondary lymphatic organs
Discuss the cells of the immune system, how they function, and their relationship with the lymphatic system
Discuss the role of the innate immune response against pathogens
Describe the power of the adaptive immune response to cure disease
Explain immunological deficiencies and over-reactions of the immune system
Discuss the role of the immune response in transplantation and cancer
Describe the barrier defenses of the body
Explain the steps of inflammation and how they lead to the destruction of a pathogen
Discuss early induced immune responses and their level of effectiveness
List the various characteristics of an antigen
Describe the types of T cells, outline the steps of T cell development, and their antigen receptors
Explain how B cells mature, how they are activated, and how B cell tolerance develops
Describe the structure of the antibody classes and their functions
Explain the development of immunological competence
Describe the mucosal immune response, and how the immune system responds to bacterial, viral, fungal, and animal pathogens.
Describe different ways pathogens evade the immune responses
Explain the four types of hypersensitivity and how they differ
Give an example of how autoimmune disease breaks tolerance
Explain why blood typing is important and what happens when mismatched blood is used in a transfusion
discussion on blood flow, you will focus on learning the correct directional flow of blood beginning in the right atrium following throughout the entire body, and returning to the right atrium. You will complete this assignment in essay form writing each structure that the blood passes through on its way through the heart, pulmonary circuit, coronary circuit, and systemic circuit. Include in your essay the major branches off of the heart, and the major branches leading to specific areas or organs and return vessels throughout the body. Explain where the blood is coming from and where it is going, and what areas that the blood will supply beyond the major branches. For information on Anatomy and Physiology check on this:

The post Anatomy and Physiology appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Anatomy and Physiology appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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