Annotated Bibliography

Your annotated bibliography should include the following:

1. Source citations alphabetized in APA format.

2. Brief summary of the source (3-4 sentences). Your summary should be written in your own words. Do not quote the article or copy the article abstract from the database. Include the most important information that you found in that source.

3. Your own analysis of the source’s credibility (2-3 sentences). Consider the following questions to help you assess the credibility and biases of your sources:

Is it published by a reputable publisher?
Is there an author or sponsor, such as a company or corporation?
What are the author’s credentials? Do they have the necessary education or expertise?
What is the article’s purpose?
Does the information appear biased or to express a one-sided opinion?
Is the content factual? Can you verify the information through other resources?
Does the content express unbiased facts or instead try to persuade the reader?

You do not necessarily need to answer all of these questions, but they can help you know where to start and help you think critically about where your information comes from. Keep in mind that credibility and bias are not the same thing. A source maybe credible yet still biased.

Here is an example that is very good, but not perfect. Read my comments on the example document to see how this could be improved. annotated bibliography student example.docx

For more information on Annotated Bibliography read this:

The post Annotated Bibliography appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Annotated Bibliography appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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