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Write an essay using a variety of sources to answer the following question: Was the industrial revolution a positive or negative development in human history?

Sources: MacGregor, Victorian Tea Set, 100 Objects, 600-605; Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto, from Andrea et al, THR, pp.249-253; McKay et al, The Testimony of Young Mine Workers, UWS, pp.626-627; McKay et al, Josiah Wedgwood, UWS, p.612; *Mintz, Excerpts from Sweetness and Power, pp.147-150; *Rivoli, The Race to the Bottom and Sisters in Time, from Travels of a T-Shirt, pp.92-119; Stearns et al, Max Lotz, A German Miner, Describes His Work, DiWH, pp.139-140; Stearns et al, Rules for Workers in the Factory of Benck and Co. in Buhl, Alsace, DiWH, pp.138-139; *Strayer and Nelson, Experiencing the Early Industrial Revolution, WoTW, pp.73-85

* means that source MUST be included in the response

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