Assignment 1 Challenges and Solutions

Programme: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Module Title: Sustainability
Assessment Title: Assignment 1 Challenges and Solutions
Learning Outcome(s): 1,2,3,4 and 7
Start Date : Submission Date : Detailed in the assignment Module Code:
Grading Criteria for Pass, Merit or Distinction will be detailed in the assignment.
The performance criteria being assessed through this assessment.
LO1 Recognise the future challenges with respect to sustainable economies.
LO2 Identify the initiatives designed to deliver sustainability.
LO3 Develop understanding and analyse innovative solutions quantifying the effects in competing circumstances.
LO4 Select and apply investigative strategies.
LO7 Demonstrate awareness of personal responsibility and professional codes of conduct.
Student declaration:
Student signature:


Assignment Deadlines, Module Grading and Penalties

All submitted work will be marked by the module tutor and will be recommended an overall grade for the work (Fail, Compensated Fail, Pass, Merit, and Distinction) for each module. For a module involving more than one assessment, each student’s profile of grades will be considered when recommending overall grades.It is the responsibility of students to attend examinations and submit work for assessment as required.

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Where an extension has not been approved, ICA work submitted late will receive a maximum grade of PASS, provided it is submitted within 7 calendar days of the published deadline.

Where an extension has not been approved, ICA work submitted more than 7 calendar days after the published deadline will not be graded and the student will be deemed to have FAILED the ICA concerned. The Regulations for the Submission of Assignments are available at


Assignment 1 Challenges and Solutions


The Bundtland Commission of the United Nations defined Sustainability as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Engineers and other disciplines will be in the front line to overcome the challenges of creating a sustainable economy. Practical and technological solutions are required within urgent timescales.

Task A

Identify and quantify problems against a suitable time line for each of the following:-

  1. Population growth
  2. Standard of living, actual and expected
  3. Resources; Food, water and energy
  4. Climate change
  5. Pollution and waste.

Task B

Identify and elaborate on political and economic initiatives designed to deliver sustainability including the Kyoto Protocol, COP21, the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, the 2 degree C climate change obligation and emissions regulations.

Task C

For each of the following describe 2 recent engineering solutions or innovations and quantify the effects:

  1. Low carbon transport systems
  2. Green building
  3. Sustainable cities
  4. Power storage and distribution
  5. Waste and recycling


A report 1500 words minimum to include diagrams, pictures and graphed data as appropriate. Include appendix source references where used.

Assessment criteria

Pass:- A satisfactory report covering all the required tasks.

Merit:- A well written and constructed report covering all the required tasks demonstrating a good articulation of the subject matter.

Distinction:- A well written and constructed report covering all the required tasks, demonstrating an excellent articulation of the subject matter and providing a meaningful analysis and evaluation.


In course material


How bad are bananas by Berners Lee, 2010, Profile books

Energy Systems and Sustainability: power for a sustainable future, by G Boyle (2012), Oxford University Press

Sustainable infrastructures by Fenner and Ainger 2013. ICE pub.

The Carbon Crunch: Why are we getting Climate Change Wrong and How to Fix it by D Helm, 2012, Yale University Press

Putting the Genie Back: 2 degrees C Will be Harder than we Think by D Hone, 2014, Whitefox Pub

Alternative Fuel Vehicles by Tom Denton, 2018, Routledge

Websites:- Carbon Trust, Carbon foot printing FERN Population Institute. Demographic Vulnerability report United Nations. Integrating Population Issues into Sustainable Development United Nations Water. Annual World Water Development Report United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform


Issue wk com 5th Nov 2018.

Hand wk com 28th Jan 2019

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