Assignment prompt:Summarize the key arguments of the reading by the specified au

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Assignment prompt:Summarize the key arguments of the reading by the specified author and briefly discuss the reading’s relevance to understanding issues of sex, gender, and/or sexuality in today’s world.Instructions:The word length is 250 words, +/- 10%. You risk losing partial points if you go over 275 words or under 225 words.This is a very short assignment, so remember to get straight to the key points. No introduction or conclusion are necessary. You will lose partial points for vagueness/repetition.You must summarize the key arguments of the text using your own words, not the words of the author. You may use a very short quote or two from the reading for context, but keep in mind, these need to be brief. If you think it might be too long, it likely is (think a short sentence or short portion of a sentence).Unlike for your Midterm and Final papers which require a works cited section, you do not need to include a citation of the reading (even if you quote it) or any other sources. The lectures and slides are meant to help guide your understanding of the reading, but these should also not be cited, i.e. do not copy and paste from these.Remember, this is a critical analysis and not an opinion piece, so you should avoid value statements like “I liked the article because,” or “this article is good/bad because.” Instead, explain the author’s points and discuss the real-world examples they can be applied to.You are free to criticize those points in your discussion. You should refrain from any biographical statements about the author.Grading breakdown:5 points: An excellent analysis which is clear and insightful, showing a deep understanding of the reading, assignment, and overall topic.4.5–4.75 points: A very good analysis which demonstrates a solid understanding of the reading. This analysis likely should have gone a little further, or contains a minor error which does not detract from the writing overall.4–4.25 points: A good analysis which shows an understanding of the assignment, the reading, and the concepts written about. This analysis may be a bit general or contain minor errors.3.5–3.75 points: A satisfactory analysis which reflects a general understanding but does not quite show a true grasp of either the reading or the assignment. This analysis may contain more than one explanatory errors.3–3.25 points: An analysis which partly or mostly addresses the assignment but lacks clarity and/or relies on illogical arguments or opinion. It is either entirely vague or contains several explanatory errors.2.5–2.75 points: A failing analysis. This analysis is either complete but does not address the assignment at hand, attempts to address it but completely misses the mark, or is clearly incomplete.0: An analysis which is not handed in or is plagiarized.
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