Business and Technology

POGO 750-015(D15), Fall 2020
Assignment: Essay 2
Choose ONE of the following topics and prepare your essay accordingly.
Be sure to follow the Essay Preparation Guidelines, as provided.
1) Labor Unions in the Digital Economy and Workplace
Shifts to automation arguably have led to the erosion of labor unions and their bargaining power. To what extent is this the case? Is there a role for unions given the challenges and opportunities of digitization in relation to the labor market? What are the broader implications of this situation for worker rights and job conditions?
2) Comparative Digitalization Effects in the Global Economy
The adoption of automation technologies, including artificial intelligence and robotics, varies widely across countries, with a much more expansive presence in richer economies and societies than developing ones. (Noting different levels and units of analysis, similar processes also can be identified within countries in light of encompassing digital divides and related effects.) While discussions of digitization have focused mostly on developed countries, what are the implications of related changes for developing countries? In this increasingly digitized world, what are the relative effects of technological changes in developed countries on work and workers in poorer economies, and on their countries more generally, especially given systemic precarities and inequalities? Please review the essay guidelines contained in the link below

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