Business Ethics

Week 10 Businesses and Bluffing Quiz, p. 18 “Is Business Bluffing Ethical,” by Albert Carr. in “Case Studies in Business Ethics.”

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1) How does Carr define “bluffing”? Are all activities that a business performs, even without other stakeholder’s knowledge buffing? Is lying about your business taxes bluffing?

2) How do laws and morality seem to relate in Carr’s thinking? He does not directly address this question, but his view is implied by things that he does say about it. Is lying only offensive if it’s against the law?

3) Does the competitive manner that competing businesses operate in the market, translate down into the way employees can conduct themselves with one another? Would this be good for business if bluffing includes various forms of deception?





Micro-theme Revisions: At the end of the term you will revise your Micro-themes. These papers will more fully detail and evaluate the case studies you addressed previously. The revised papers must each be around 4 typed pages in length. A rough draft of these papers is highly recommended but not required. Rough drafts will be accepted no later than Sunday November 24 before Thanksgiving Break. Each revised paper will require you to apply all of the different moral theories covered in the initial five weeks of the course. The directions for developing these papers will appear under the link entitled “Micro-theme revisions” in the schedule of Assignments. The final papers are due at finals week on Monday, December 9, unless you are a graduating senior. Graduating seniors must submit their final draft by Friday of stop week. The term papers should be sent to me in Word file format using the drop box or in case of emergency attached to email sent directly to my LU account at I will not accept late revised papers.

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The post Business Ethics appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Business Ethics appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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