cafes and restaurant are looking to have a system


Today most of cafes and restaurant are looking to have a system that is allowed to order all there menu remotely such us cakes or coffee or meals because of COVID-19 and help them to order from there menu online or using QR code however this will help the people to support the social distancing in Kingdom of Bahrain also nowadays 80% of the people prefer to order online or using any system that will be help a lot . in this case my idea was to develop cake reservation booking system specially I am looking to sell this system after I develop it to Lilo café this system will allowed the user to book his cake for any event birthday , wedding , birth party , bride party and any other event also this system will be connected to Wasel delivery so he can deliver the cake in the time he receive the request. This system will be liked from the reception into the bakery kitchen so the user can know the status for the cake and also will be tracking all the needful details. Since Lilo café is very popular in kingdom of Bahrain and it’s international, desserts , breakfast and it’s start working more than 10 years and it’s have different locations on Adlia and riffa , Manama but the bakery is on adlia and riffa only.

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Problem statement

  1. During COVID-19 all restaurants are closed and lilou have no delivery services or exist booking remotely services.
  2. Client need to visit the store to do the reservation for the cake social distancing should be applied
  3. They do only phone reservation but some time the phone is busy or cannot be reached


  1. To develop Lillo bakery café reservation system
  2. To support the social distancing
  3. To support sales
  4. To develop a reservation secure system and easy to use
  5. To develop a reservation system that linked with delivery option


  1. Lilou will start his bakery delivery
  2. Lilou will sale more
  3. This system will help the people to know the new products and new arrival or promotion for example new year


  1. Lilou café company
  2. Wasel delivery

User requirements

User Requirements
Sr. # Requirement. Description Stakeholder Traceable System Requirements
U1 Admin user Developer Develop the full system
U2 Vendor user Lilo admin Can be reception or anyone will receive the order
U3 Client User Lilo client Can do the reservation

System requirements

System Requirements
Sr. # Requirement. Description Stakeholder Traceable User Requirements
S1 Lilo device Lilo Receiving the order and manage
S2 Windows operating system Lilo & client Client can request and Lilo can receive

Product requirements

Sr. # Requirement. Description
1 Product details
2 Product image
3 Product cost

Organizational requirements

Sr. # Requirement. Description
1 Receiving the orders
2 Prepare the order and send it

External requirements

Sr. # Requirement. Description
1 Integration with delivery
2 Payment implementation

User Screen Design and its description

Use-Case Description and Diagram

Prepare Dataflow Diagram

Combine your work to find out the classes and make a class diagram

Provide a state diagram for at least three objects

Provide a tentative deployment plan explaining, how you want to install the new system to the client’s organization.

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