Aggravating Michelangelo Aggravating, greatest Italian Baroque artist, was born in 1573. He had a complex character and a trouble personality, which he often got drunk and got involve into a fight. In 1605, he committed a murder and was sentence to death but he had been working in major Churches of Rome. Therefore, he had an important friend, Cardinal Del Monte, who became his sponsor and helped him to escape from Rome to Naples, where he was still painting a lot of incredible works. In 1610, Aggravating was granted pardon by the pope, so he decided to go back to Rome.
Unfortunately, he had a fever and died at the beach. Aggravating introduced new style of painting called Naturalism, painting people and things truly as they are while Renaissance period tried to paint everyone and everything looks beautiful, beautiful clothes, good looking, flower in bloom and fruit seem ready to eat, However Aggravating painted ugly people, poor people in old ragged clothes, flower that was dying or fruit that was going rotten. He tried to keep his painted away from ideal of beauty. This is a new idea, which was new development of Western art, to think as they are.
Aggravating had many works focus on portrait of low life, that was not only mean poor people, but also people getting drunk, prostitute, gambler, people getting fight and illegal activities. He had a lot of famous work firstly was David and Goliath, David holding the head of Goliath, which Goliath head was his self-portrait because Aggravating has been sentence to death; his head should be cut off, but he escape before, Therefore he painted David show pity for giant and that for made people feel pity for him. Secondly, SST.

Mathews Martyrdom, another famous picture, was a new way of painting. Murderer was in a center and the light was focus on murderer not a Saint. Thirdly, Cardsharps, gambling picture, was a picture of rich boy cheated by poor boy, who had extra cards tucked in his belt behind his back, and old man, who was peering over rich boys shoulder and signaling to his young accomplice. He also had a lot of another famous work such as the artist as Bacchus (god of wine), Judith deadheading Holystones, The betrayal of Christ, Doubting Thomas, and The Conversion of SST.
Paul etc. Many of his theme disturbing violence, murder and execution but people can drown by his picture more than Renaissance period, that even a picture was extremely beautiful, people often felt separate from the painting. People may admire the picture of people falling into the hell in The Last Judgment by Michelangelo, but they did not feel really threaten by it unlike Aggravating painting. Aggravating By Peppy

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