Case Study 3 Discussion

The case study discussed virality on YouTube. Several video advertisements were compared and despite coming from different brands they did share some similarities that may have contributed to their virality.

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Your Post
For this discussion, I would like you to post about the following:

First, in addition to the similarities mentioned in the case, describe one additional way in which the video advertisements by Dove, GoPro, and Pepsi are similar. In addition, describe how this similarity may have contributed to their virality?
Second, find a video advertisement on YouTube that has over one million views. Briefly describe this video (provide a link or image if possible) and give two possible reasons for why this video went viral.
Approximate post length: This is largely up to you, as I will not grade on quantity. As a rule-of-thumb, however, complete answers typically require at least a paragraph (e.g., 5 sentences or more).

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