Cause and effect essay summary on Johnny Depp: Cause and Effect

Johnny Depp: Cause and Effect

Johnny Depp was born in June 9, 1963 and is a famous character in American films. His real names are John Christopher. He was the lastborn child and he became raised in Florida. The cause and effect are clear when his family shifted often due to his father’s change in jobs.

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Depp began smoking and taking drugs when he was only 12 years. He perceived adolescent stage to be vague. All he did was to stay in a room and use his guitar. Unfortunately, when he reached 15 years, his parents got a divorce. His duty was to access child support from his father’s working place (Jeff, 2002). As a result, this created a gap between him and his father. Depp was unable to proceed with studies and joined the children’s garage group. In 1983, Depp attained 20years and married Lori Allison who was a makeup artist.

In 1985, his marriage failed to work and they broke up. Depp decided to concentrate on his acting career. By 1990, he was given a cry baby role and also the capability to select responsibilities. He began dating Venessa Paradis in 1998 and moved to France. He wanted a normal life with his family that involved two children Jack and Lily-Rose. However, he was arrested when he attempted to fight with reporters who took his children’s photos. After having done plenty of movies, he also participated in Dark Shadow movie in 2012.

It was after this movie that this actor became adopted in the Native Americans films which raised controversy. This is because he was not born originally from American origin while his birth story was considered to be insensitive. Evidently, Jonny Depp depicted actors who struggled to become popular in film industry. This is because he is a character who could not be missed in his responsibility.


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