Climate Change

Take a position on the issue. Provide a detailed opinion on the cause of the issue and a present a detailed solution.
Include academically researched arguments to explain the issue and as well as support that position.
Utilize empirical evidence and data as support.
Present the arguments presented by those on the opposite side of the issue.
Are some arguments more convincing than others?
What evidence do they provide?
Can you see a middle ground or a third option that is a plausible solution or compromise? If so, what is it?
Understand that a good research paper and the strongest arguments rely on facts, evidence, and data, not just beliefs.

Identify the Political Players

In governing, solutions don’t actually exist unless they’re actually made policy and implemented by government officials. Examine the politics surrounding this political issue.

Identify two interest groups that support the main argument of the paper and two groups that oppose the main argument of the paper. Who are they and what do they believe?
Identify which political party is more in line with the position of this paper and why?
Identify if any legislation been introduced in the US Congress (for 2305)
Have there been any executive or bureaucratic action related to the issue? If so, which agencies and what actions have been taken?
If the proposed solution is accepted and implemented as policy, which aspect of the government would be in charge of implementing it? Be as specific as possible.

The Future

Looking to the future, provide realistic speculation about whether this challenge will ever be solved.

Why is this topic important and will the challenge ever be solved?
Will this issue be important in the upcoming elections?
Speculate on whether this problem will be solved in the next 30-40 years? Why or Why not?

Format Criteria

Assignments must be typed, double spaced, in a standard academically acceptable font (i.e. Calibri, Times New Roman, Cambria, etc.), with a 11-12-point font. The paper margins are to be no greater than one inch. A cover sheet is not necessary. Turn in the paper in the proper section of the class website. Do not email the assignment to the instructor. Emailed assignments are subject to a ten percent deduction. Assignments must be uploaded in a .doc, .docx, or a PDF format. Those are the only acceptable file formats. Assistance is available to convert files to an acceptable format, provided students don’t wait until the last minute. For more information on Climate Change read this:

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