Critical book Review: The book of job when bad things happened to a good person

This paper must be very original. No plagiarism at all and please reframe from using super fancy/long words basic English is fine. Directions are as follow

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The paper will graded on the basis of the quality of the description, the seriousness with which the critical comments are made, and the compliance with ALL these instructions.  your report is to be done in your own words and must never use quotations. As a rule of thumb, write your report as if for someone who has never heard of what youre writing about so that you should make sure you clearly define out of the ordinary or technical terms. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO USE A WORD OR TERM THAT YOU CANNOT DEFINE!  Each word or term that you cannot adequately define will cost you full letter grade and perhaps an F if it is determined that you have plagiarized your material in general.

Do a critical review of the book on “The Book of Job when bad things happened to a good person” by Harold S.Kushner 3-4 page REPORT consisting of the following four parts which are divided into distinct separate sections WITH HEADINGS according to the following outline
AN INTRODUCTION including a statement on why you chose that particular topic

II.  A BRIEF SUMMARY of the book (or place, film, religious service) . Please note: this is a summary, NOT AN OUTLINE!

III. A CRITICAL PERSONAL REFLECTION upon specific aspects of the book that impressed and/or distressed you about what you read. I expect to see seriousness and depth of thought here. In some respects, I consider this one of the more important parts of the paper.

IV. A CONCLUSION which includes
a final statement of overall, general positive or negative reaction towards what you read
b.three questions that were raised in your mind by your research which you wish you could answer in the future
c.reaction to doing this type of assignmentNote:These three elements are to be incorporated in your conclusion in narrative form. Do NOT present your conclusion in the form of an outline.

This is my final paper and am In desperate need of an A please do your best work!

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