Debate discussion

You dont have to read every single article that I have provided it’s your choice to choose which ones you want to read. You must add at least one quote on both responses (posts) you can also add 2 quotes in each post. 250 words length for both posts.
Debate Prompt
Asian Americans who arrived in the US since the 1970s continue to experience similar challenges with racism that those who came before the 1970s faced.

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In support of the argument: (argue that contemporary challenges, particularly racism, that Asian Americans face today remain largely the same as what Asian Americans faced in the past)


For the supporting posts, which are due on Friday, the Supporters need to provide supporting evidence and explanation that reinforces their side of the argument. Each Supporter must complete the following:

Post two supporting reply posts (together, they must be between 400 and 550 words);
The replies can be made as replies to the initial post on your side or other supporting reply posts on your side;
Identify the element of the argument that you are expanding, reinforcing, or strengthening; alternatively, state clearly how the ideas and evidence you identified support the post;
Incorporate at least one quote in each post;
Evidence from course materials must be explained thoroughly to justify the overall argument or a supporting argument;

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