Write a narrative essay from the perspective of a citizen from a country in Asia, Africa, or the Middle East undergoing decolonization during or after the Cold War. How did the Cold War and the process of decolonization impact you as an individual and your country as whole. Consider things like: transitions in leadership, propaganda campaigns, etc

A narrative essay is a story that gives readers insight into a persons life experiences. For this essay, you need to put yourself in the shoes of another citizen, another person – imagine what life was like for someone in French Algeria after the French left. What was it like to try to rebuild India after the British abandoned the country? What about the Philippines, Botswana, Lebanon, Indonesia, Cambodia, Syria, Rwanda, etc.

You could, for instance, write about racism and discrimination in your country. Poverty is another side effect. But, you could also write about your hopes and dreams for the country now that it is independent.

You are going to have to do research into the country you choose – make sure you include any websites you utilize as part of a works cited page.

Some general guidelines:

– It must be, at least, 5 paragraphs in length. The introduction should tell the story of colonization (who, what, when). The next three should describe your personal experiences, story, life lessons, the people around you, the environment around you, the politics of decolonization, etc. The conclusion should neatly tie up the essay.

– It must focus on decolonization.

– It must be descriptive – don’t just list and tell, create vivid, concrete images for your reader. Use specific examples, evidence, and details.

-It must use appropriate sentence structure, grammar, mechanics, and spelling as beget a college student.

– It must be typed.

Here is an article to help further understand the process of decolonization:,of%20the%20new%20United%20Nations.&text=During%20World%20War%20II%20Japan,European%20powers%20out%20of%20Asia (Links to an external site.).

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