Dengue Virus Targets Nrf2 for NS2B3-Mediated Degradation Leading to Enhanced Oxidative Stress a

Select a Basic/Clinical research paper (NOT a Review nor a Newspaper article nor a small
communication paper)from a peer viewed journal such as Journal of Microbiology, Journal of
Bacteriology, and Journal of Virology etc. using a database such as EBSCOHOST or Medline. I
a.Problem studied
b. Hypothesis
c.Microbes used/studied
d. Methods and techniques used to study
e. Write its findings/ summary in your WORDS
f.Provide the reference in APA format.
g.Also submit a copy of the paper selected.
It should be no longer than 2 pages. You may use the above bullets to answer it. Please write in your
own words and no copy pasting from the article.

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