economic analysis of an article

This assignment requires you to write a News Article Analysis. Pick a recent article from any country (a few years old is fine). It can be about any topic but you should be able to use it to discuss topics related to the economy or some economic concepts we have discussed in class. What to do: • Pick a recent article from any country. • Read the article. • Summarize the article in the first paragraph of your paper. Your summary should not be more than half a page. • In the next paragraphs, relate what you read to some economic concept discussed in this class. You must relate it to at least 3 concepts from class. You must explain how it relates to the economic concepts. • You must include at least one graph from class. The graph(s) can be drawn by hand, scanned with a phone scanner app and uploaded it to Blackboard. • End with a conclusion on what you learnt from the article and your overall reactions. In what way has the article/this exercise helped you to relate economic concepts to things around you or things in the news? • Your paper should be at least 2 pages, but a maximum of 3 pages long, double spaced, and typed with regular font such as Times New Roman, size 12. Cut something out if the paper is longer than 3 pages. • Put your name on your work. When you upload your paper on Blackboard use a pdf file format. • Finally add a citation of the article(s) you used. You can seek the library staff’s help on how to cite articles and websites. • Visit the writing center for help with the paper if you need to. Access the Writing Center at the following link: How to submit your paper: Submit this assignment in Blackboard using the News Article Analysis link in the Course Content folder. When you click on the News article link click on Create Journal entry to upload your work as a pdf file then click on the “Post Entry” button. Do not email your paper to me unless you have checked with me first if you are having trouble uploading it to Blackboard. Please email me early in the semester if you have any trouble with submitting your work. Don’t wait until the due date to seek help. Possible sources of Articles: The Economist ( Wall Street Journal ( Washington Post ( Washington Times ( 2 Financial times ( New York Times ( Google “News on the Country” you are interested in and click on one of the news sites Guidelines for Grading the Paper: Length of paper: Your paper should be more than 1 page but not more than 3 pages Errors: No typos and grammatical errors Graphs: Include relevant graph(s). They may be hand drawn, scanned and uploaded to Blackboard. Content: Relate the news article to Economic concepts from class. Explain how the article relates to the economic concept selected. (For instance, do not just write that the article is related to demand and supply. You must include how it is related to demand and supply.) Citation: Include citation of article(s) used Excessive Spacing: Delete large spacing between paragraphs. Sample Heading/Presentation of Paper: Jesse Econ Econ 195 10/10/2020 Excessive Rainfall in Wakanda affects Production of Vibranium Summarize the article Relate the article to three concepts from class Concepts for this example could be scarcity, supply, shortage… You can talk about the demand for the mineral and then draw a demand graph to show how an increase in demand will increase the equilibrium price. Remember to include a graph or more. Conclude Add citations

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