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Propose a major (= strategic) decision facing your chosen enterprise
Evaluate the decision, emphasizing its financial and operational aspects
Develop a plan of action for the enterprise to employ to make and then implement the decision, in a succinct report that includes an executive summary, in 10-12, double-spaced, 12-point font pages

For examples:

One major decision facing, Inc. is whether to improve the working conditions of its employees, currently believed by many to be underpaid and overworked in meeting the company’s tight shipping times
One major decision facing Apple, Inc. is how to regain the market share its smartphones have recently lost to competitors around the world
One major decision facing Google LLC is how to avoid being charged as a monopolist enterprise in the United States.

More Information:
What is a succinct report?  Could it be 10 pages or less?    One reads that IBM decision papers are limited to that length, and we all recall the single-sheet Ringo Sho approach to important decisions at Toyota.
As to overall plan format, I-B-C ( is, recommended for your consideration.
A results-filled executive summary (ES) should lead off the plan. This link is to “How to Write an Executive Summary” in Course Resources.   You may also benefit from a review of the files in Course Resources specific to Writing Guidelines and  the files showing proper APA citations.

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