Ethical Analysis and Argumentation

The instructions are on the file titled Ethical Analysis and Argumentation Assignment Description. Please make sure to read carefully what you need to write about. The issue for the paper will be:

Situation: Diversity in the corporate world is done as a means of gaining profit and as a showoff while there exist inequity behind closed doors.

who are the potential parties involved/impacted?

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The company. The workers. The public (consumer).

how might these parties be impacted in this situation?

The company is the main character in this situation and it will either benefit from promoting a fake diversity, or be exposed thus damaging them. The workers are the ether the ones fueling the situation or targets of unequal opportunities. The public is the ones who either support the company or see past their showoff.

what additional details about these situations might help you understand the complexity of this situation better? (hint: your research for Paper 3 could continue here)

Which exact actions the company is taking regarding diversity, is it in their advertisement, or in their actual workplace. The unequal opportunities they give to African American workers. What is the public perception, is it backlash. Did the company made any type of reparations or apologies.

Is there moral content to the situation? See the bottom of Hinman page 14, noting italicized terms like “hurt,” “deception,” “unfair,” and “conflicting values.”

Hurt: the African American workers who don’t get the same opportunities and who are mistreated at the workplace. Deception: the fake diversity promotion done by the company. Unfair: The opportunities given to African Americans. Conflicting values: Is the fight for a race that is different from mine a fight I can participate in? Should I be loyal to a brand I support even after learning their schemes?

Should we take a moral standpoint or approach to this issue? See Hinman’s explanation on the top of page 15
We should investigate what goes behind closed doors in the actual workplace of a company as well as in the opportunities they give to African American workers, supporting a racist company thus becomes amoral from our standpoint.
I will also attach the sources you will need to use in the paper. You can use any other source you want but please make sure to use all the ones I provide.

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