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A common theme in laws in Texas and in other states involves the balance between the freedom of the individual or of parents to raise their children v. the interest of government to promote an important value or to protect people from doing something reckless or wrong, as evidenced by laws regulating the pledge of allegiance in schools, laws regulating the use of motorcycle helmets and seat belts (for adults and children), and laws regulating the modern-day problem of texting and driving or its equivalent in the 1970s of drunk driving. In your essay, weigh-in on this balance. Do you think the State of Texas has struck the right balance by requiring school kids to say the pledge of allegiance, by requiring people to buckle up while driving and to secure their children in a booster seat, and by outlawing texting and driving, as well as drunk driving? In each case, the freedom of the individual is being curtailed such that he or she cannot object to saying the pledge (though their parents can allow a school kid to opt out); he or she must put on a seat belt and parents are dictated to about how to properly protect their children in a car; he or she is prohibited from texting or drinking while driving, even though some can do so without driving recklessly (there have always been laws against reckless driving). In your essay, discuss these issues. Write a catchy introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, and in your conclusion, give your take on this delicate balance.

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explain inconsistency in seat belt (passed in 1985) and helmet laws (repealed in 1997) (1-3 sentences)

the % of revenue Texas generates from the income tax (tricky); what is the gas tax in Texas (1-3 sentences)

note how Texas pays for its portion of S-CHIP, a non-tax source of revenue (federal government pays for the rest) (1-3 sentences)

why “sin” taxes are so high in Texas and other states as well (think about the politician’s perspective on sin taxes, their concerns about being reelected) (1-3 sentences)

what did “Black Girl Magic” represent in 2018 (1-3 sentences);

know governor who vetoed conceal carry in Texas, and know governor who signed it into law (1-3 sentences)

explain inconsistency in seat belt (passed in 1985) and helmet laws (repealed in 1997) (1-3 sentences);

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