fourth exam: the late middle ages

In the third exam, you wrote three short essays about different phases of Medieval Europe: a period of transformation, recovery, and achievement. In that spirit, and the images at the top of the page, you probably know where this is going. Using chapters 10 and 11, as well as the module videos, for this exam you need to write an essay arguing why the Late Middle Ages (for this essay the period from 1250 to 1453) can be seen as a “time of troubles.”

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Good things happened during these years, such as the Renaissance, but we’ll save that for the final exam…

The module ends November 29, but that includes Thanksgiving. I hope you can finish exam by then despite the “holiday” (quotations added due to the unusual circumstances this year), but you can submit Monday, November 30 if need be with no penalty. As usual, late exams can be submitted until Friday, Dec. 4, but they will be graded accordingly.

As with previous exams, when constructing your essay, keep the following in mind:

1. The essay should begin with a short introduction (just 2 or 3 sentences explaining the purpose of the essay).

2. Support your general observations with specific examples of events, dates, objects, etc.

3. A theme in history that will come up again and again is that “geography is destiny.” With that in mind, briefly explore the importance of geography (and the environment) in each of the essays.

4. Be sure to proofread carefully.

5. Be sure to watch the Zoom Exam Review session if you did not participate live. The outline in the review power point is the one to use for your essay.

6. Do not use any additional sources for the essay, and if you give information from the textbook, use your own words.

7. The essay should be 4 to 5 full-pages (four full pages, not counting empty page space minimum).

8. Also, be sure to double-space your text, and use Arial font 11, as with all of the essays and written assignments for this course.

9. The rubric is included so you can see how each part of essays are weighted.

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