General formatFile type: Mathematica notebook, PDF, or Word (first two preferred

General formatFile type: Mathematica notebook, PDF, or Word (first two preferred); or Zip file containing all files.IntroductionShould includeOverview of the project and what it shows (results); one may present it in an abstractBackground, including a review of relevant literature and existing knowledge and context of the projectThe significance of the project within that contextNarrativeMethodsHow was the project carried out? How was data collected? What exactly was computed? And so forth.ResultsDescribe the principal resultsDiscussionDiscuss the significance, implications, unresolved questions, directions for further research.Tables and graphsIf you present your data in a table or graph, include a title describing what’s in the table (“Enzyme activity at various temperatures”, not “My results”.) For graphs, you should also label the horizontal and vertical axes.Do not include tables or graphs just to be fancy. Use them when they are the most effective way to see the results.Code/computationsMay be in the text along with the methods and results, or placed in an appendix, depending on the length of the code. If placed in an appendix, then the methods and results should be written so that the reader clearly understands what has been computed and the results of the computation without referring to the appendix.ReferencesWorks should be scholarly (not Wikipedia, not someone’s blog).Data from authoritative websites is acceptable.For works cited in the text.Use a consistent style. APA is acceptable. (I work in a field in which there are several standard styles, set by journals. The variation is historical, and I just have to look at a journal to figure theirs out.)Annotated BibliographyList of works consulted with “annotations”: short descriptions of the significance/relevance of each work to the project.AppendicesCode may be submitted in a separate notebook file. If so, put it in a zip file with your report.The same can be done with data files, if any.
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