Grinch: Psychology

In a tiny snowflake was a village name whovill; home for the loving warm-hearted Who’s . The most import time of the year was Christmas when everyone gave gifts to their love ones. Everyone loved Christmas, no matter how small or how big, the only person who hated Christmas was the Grinch. The Grinch lived on the top of the mountain, isolating himself from all the Who’s his only companion was his dog max . The Grinch was green, smelly, really hairy, with clammy cold hand with a heart 2 size smaller. Nobody ever mentioned the Grinch.
All the Who’s in Who Ville were terrify of the Grinch, have they ever met him?No, but they did hear stories. He became an outcast to their society and culture. No one really cared to know why he hated Christmas or why shouldn’t he spend it with all them except a little girl name Sindy Lou. The Grinch nurture experience cause him hate Christmas . His experience as a young child brought much anger to his heart ,when he was little the whos judge him for being green and having a beer at eight years of age. Ever sense the Grinch hated Christmas it tormented him hearing the sing and dance of the whos he was in his last control to do what ever it took for them too hate Christmas too.The Grinch behavior was do to his bad nurture he had a plan to still Christmas.
The Grinch nature was good he was a good person of heart. when he met Sidney Lou she was about to fall in the machine and the Grinch saved her showed he actually care but because of Mind and Body he saw he was green and different social psychology influence himself to be mean . Sidney Lou had touch his heart leading him out of his character for who he really was . She wasn’t scared of him and had invited him to the “who villation”.After steeling Christmas the Whos were still happy he notice to them it wasn’t just about gifts it was more then that. When these incident happen his true nurture came out he began to cry that day his heart got bigger . He had let all his anger out.

The main reason why he acted the way he did was because he couldn’t let it go. His behavior had change due to nature and nurture. The Grinch dint want Christmas to be ruin because of him. He then nurture it as becoming a hero and saying sorry to all the Whos. All in all the Grinch became welcome to the community of the Whos.

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