HA530 Unit 2 Discussion

 Team B
Begin each of your posts by first addressing your team before typing anything else. (Example; Team A: My thoughts are….). Respond to your own team members only. You all will interact with one other to discuss the individuals who will be affected by the lay off in the scenario below. You will need to post how your team will determine who will be laid off and who should be kept. Lastly, you will post the names of the two employees who will be let go.
One of the difficult tasks managers face is the laying off employees. This can be a difficult decision with many implications. In the scenario, imagine yourself in the role of a human resource manager for a 500-member technology company. Your directive is a permanent staff reduction of two individuals. Below is information concerning the individuals you must consider.

your post needs to identify the names of two individuals you will submit for a permanent lay off and the criteria you used in making your decision.
discuss other possible options you might suggest to meet the requirement of downsizing by two employees without resorting to layoffs.

Discuss what you will do

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to assist the two individuals who have been let go and the remaining three employees.

You want to support team goals and objectives through fulfilling your own contributions as well as assist and support others in their contributions.

Donovan T., African American male, age 44. Donovan has been with you for five months and has twelve years of experience in the company in systems management. He has a degree in computer science and a master’s degree in accounting. He is a CPA. Donovan has had average evaluations over the past four years but he did save the company $200,000 on a suggestion he made to use electronic time sheets.
Mathew P., Caucasian male, age 30. Mathew has been with the company for eight years. Three years ago, Mathew was involved in a plane accident on the airport runway while returning from a business trip for your company. As a result of the accident, he has become disabled and is wheel-chair bound. There are rumors he is on the verge of settlement which will result in millions of dollars. His performance evaluations have been above average in the past four years. He has a bachelor’s degree in human resource management and an MBA from a top business school. Mathew specializes in training, career, and organizational development activities.
Gabriella S., Hispanic female, age 60. Hannah has just completed her Juris Doctorate program. She has recently passed the bar exam. She has been with your department for five years. Her evaluations have been good to above average. Two years ago, Hannah won a lawsuit against the company for discriminating against her in a promotion to a supervisory position. The water cooler talk has it that Hannah is actively pursuing another job outside the company.
Randy J., African American male, age 35. Randy has been employed with your company for six years, all in HRM. He has a master’s in human development. His evaluations have been above average. He is committed to getting the job done and devotes whatever it takes. He is highly motivated and will take on tasks that others shy away from, and he has been instrumental in starting up the benefits administration intranet for employees.
Mallorie S., Caucasian female, age 30. Mallorie has been employed with your department for two years. Her evaluations have been outstanding. Mallorie has an MBA from an Ivy League school. She has been on short term disability for the birth of her second child and is expected to return in 21 weeks.

In two separate paragraph give your opinion to Emilia Marsh and Crystal Moore 

Crystal Moore 
Hello Team B
My suggestions are as follows:
KEEP – Mathew P. | Randy J. | Mallorie S.
LAYOFF – Donovan T. | Gabriella S.
My reasoning:
Donovan T. has a lot of experience and is a CPA. While his suggestion has saved the company a lot of money in his short time with the company, his overall evaluations are average. Typically I would prefer employees with not as much previous experience as Donovan. Employees with a lot of outside experience are less pliable when it comes to learning and adapting to new ways. With all of the experience Donovan possess I feel as though his future job security will land him another position rather quickly. I would assist Donovan in his future job search by recommending potential employers he could apply.
Gabriella S. has been with the company for quite some time and her complaints against the company have no bearing on my layoff decision. With Gabriella’s recent success in passing the bar exam, I am sure that her time with our company is coming to an end. I do not believe that she would stay with the company when she can pursue her career as a lawyer. I would offer Gabriella my full support and recommendation in her future career choice.
The other employees Mathew P., Randy J., and Mallorie S. all have a competitive advantage to the company such as above average to outstanding evaluations. The remaining employees will possibly have to take on additional tasks and as a result they should be rewarded and encouraged. Each of the remaining employees have the potential to be a future great asset to our organization.
If I could avoid the layoffs of the employees I would offer a PRN position where the employee could work several shifts a month without benefits or PTO. It would offer the employee an opportunity to make money without obligation of days and hours. In return the company would save money because they would not offer medical benefits, PTO or a 401K plan.


Emilia Marsh 
My thoughts are to lay off Donovan T. and Gabriella S.
When conducting layoffs, the company has many factors to consider, such as which departments will be affected, what are the underperforming areas that should be considered, and how many employees could potentially require layoffs (Berezin, 2008). After deciding to layoff personnel, the criteria used to select the layoffs needs to be determined.  Relying on the needs of the company, the criteria should be objective and measurable. 
Laying off Donovan T. would fall into the tenure criteria of first in/first out as he has only been in the department for five months, as well as his average performance.  Laying off Gabriella S. would fall into the criteria of overqualified for her position since she just finished her Juris Doctorate and passed the bar exam.
With their education, skills, and experience, both Donovan and Gabriella would be able to find other employment. Writing letters of recommendation for future employers would be helpful for them to find alternate employment.  As well as offering them a severance package, outplacement services, and employee assistance programs (Berezin, 2008).
An alternative to permanent layoffs would be a temporary situation where employees may be called back for rehire after a period of time until the economic state of the company improves.
Berezin, A. (2008, December 8). Doing Layoffs the Right Way. Retrieved from https://www.workforce.com/news/doing-layoffs-the-right-way

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