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I have some of Q I do not know in the website Can you help me pleas I am going to send some of them not all If you want to help I can show all of them.

Electrons in atoms occupy orbitals. An orbital can be visualized as the volume in which the electron stays as it moves about the nucleus.

Examine the shapes of the atomic orbitals in the n = 1, 2, and 3 shells by clicking the red arrows.

In the image that appears for each orbital, the image on the left shows the surface inside which the electron is principally found. The image on the right is a cross section of how likely it is to find the electron in a particular location. The top right shows a graph of the likelihood of finding the electron as a function of distance from the nucleus.

Experiments show that molecules and molecular ions have definite shapes. The technical term for ‘molecular shape’ is ‘molecular geometry’. If you have not already done so, you will soon learn about a model that will enable you to predict the geometries of molecules from a knowledge of their Lewis structures.

The purpose of this unit is to let you explore some of the geometries adopted by molecules, and to introduce you to the names for these geometries.

Before you get started answering questions, take a minute to review the chem3D interface using the model for sulfuric acid shown in the window below. You will notice that you have a much better feeling for the three dimensional shape of the molecule while it is rotating.

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