Instructions for Semester end activity report

Many professionals are required to write reports to their managers to detail their progress and accomplishments during the year. This assignment gives you opportunity to practice writing that type of message.

Your audience is Professor McDonald

Your purpose is to reflect on and describe your engagement and accomplishments during this semester’s 202D in four areas:

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mastery of writing principles
development of techniques for more effective team communication
overall participation and engagement
respond to your peers presentations ( Show that you were engaged when your peers presented. Share what you learned by listening to your peer’s presentations.)
Reasoning and Evidence
Each area should include specific claims and each claim should be supported with concrete specific evidence.

For example, under writing principles, you might state that you learned to make your pronoun references crystal clear. Then include examples of (at least) three times you revised your writing to make the pronoun reference clear.

When developing the content area about team communication talk about the challenges of virtual communication and how you worked to succeed in spite of them. Make sure to include concrete specific detailed information.

The report should be aptly organized. Each section must start with an effective topic sentence.
The report must include a summary and possibly an apt call to action (or a declaration of actions you’ll take as a result of what you learned.
The report format can be a memo, letter, or informal report.
Use Styles in Word to professionally format your report.

Style and Expression
Be sure to show your mastery of the writing principles we have covered in class.

—Here I post the student sample below and you can follow the style of the sample, and I can also provide the tips about myself. You can write about how I build my confidence on the class as an non-native speaker, we got some projects like writing a job application and resume, the most impressive one is to interview the restaurant and do the blog. this class is all talking about business writing which I learned a lot from that.

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