local leader research paper

For the last 10 weeks of this course, I’ve been providing & showcasing weekly articles, videos, & awareness to local industry leaders. For Weeks #11-15, you will be required to conduct a research-think-piece project focusing on one of 3 local Madison Chefs/Business owners, their adaption to Covid-19, and their presence/impact in our Madison community. The Local Leader component will evolve into a Capstone Final Paper. I will be providing the 3 choices, you will choose 1 of the 3, research one, providing resource cites/links, and investigate their local impact to the Madison community.

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Choose ONE Candidate of these 3 choices:

1. Francesca Hong (Note: I’ve no political affiliation/nor endorsement. Candidate option is meant to provide insight into industry).

2. David Heide

3. Syovata “Vata” Edari

Why these 3 candidates?

During “quarantine time” I kept seeing these 3 go-getters come up often in the media for various reasons. Though I have no personal/professional relationship with any of them, I started to take interest in their acts of charity, action to community needs, Covid-19 solutions they were doing in their own businesses + their attention to inequity/injustices/food insecurities going on in our local community.

This local industry leader Capstone final paper is intended to offer you a multitude of educational layers, including, but not limited to:

Problem solving, activism, equality, food insecurity, nonprofit awareness, carbon footprint, sustainability, fair wage, living wage, challenging injustices, politics, the importance of voting, dismantling unions/unionization, collective bargaining rights, disability rights, life balance/parenting, business ownership, empowering employees, diversity, Covid-19 recovery, rehabilitation programs, and SO MUCH MORE!

Step #1: For 5 points, pick on candidate, list the candidate and why they interested you in researching them below.

Select your research candidate choice- (you do NOT need to interview them personally, just research them. If you are interested in reaching out to them for a personal interview, it’s up to you to arrange (I’d suggest virtual inteview: Skype, FaceTime, or another platform then, but it isn’t required). Earn 5 points for doing this, or 0 for not.

Starter forum suggestions to start looking up your Capstone subject: (easiest is to put them into an engine search, such as Google).

The Cap Time, Isthmus, WI State Journal, local news websites,

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