Logistics Research

Title: Development in container terminals and operational efficiency in ports

Why did you choose the topic: To know how the development in the logistics sector and the operational efficiency in the ports provides job opportunities and the importance of this sector in a large proportion to any economy around the world and that it contributes to the development of local and international trade.

Your goal in the end: to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030, for the kingdom to be a logistical platform, and what is the current status of this sector in Saudi Arabia and how to reach the desired goal.

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1- What is logistics, its benefits, and types of logistics?

2- What are the container terminals?

3- The functions of container terminals?

4- Advantage of containerization?

5- Container terminal role process?

6- Container terminals operations

What do you do to increase the operational efficiency of the ports?

How to develop logistics services?

Vision 2030 Logistics.

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