Market Research Essay

The questions may also be concerned with the respondents’ personal background, factual knowledge, attitudes or opinions, for example, in the case of the assignment is to do with vacations and the Information related to It. Why was It used? Firstly, one of the mall reasons the questionnaire Is being used as part of this Assignment is that it really gives the student an opportunity to get out and do some real practical field research.
It gives the student a sense freedom to ask who they want and where they want in order to obtain the data. It is also a lot of students’ first time to do something Like this, so the skill set of the class will be tested and Improved n greatly with the completion of this task. It will help with confidence, clarity in speaking and accuracy of the execution of both the written questionnaire but also with the analysis and conclusion of results. What are the mall objectives?
The mall goal was to find out where people went In Ireland or abroad on Vacations or citations and also to investigate other very interesting and appropriate variables such as, How many times do you travel abroad or within Ireland whether to go abroad or stay in Ireland, Your preferred mode of transport whilst taking a holiday, What would your average spend be whilst talking a holiday and the ever topical and spoke about element for Irish people, weather. These are all very relevant questions which were asked in such a way that only accurate questions could be received back from respondents.

The main objectives and intended outcomes from the questionnaire included, To obtain a partial lifestyle profile of people who currently holiday, with a particular emphasis on the financial dimension and To determine holidaying habits and patterns of these customers. Other objectives and goals included pre testing the questionnaire before it was given to the public. This was a vital tool in aiding the clarity and effectiveness of the questions being asked as It made sure that questions could be clearly understood and had adequate range for response.
Also, Ambiguity was avoided at all times possible by providing answers such as 3-4 times a year, multiple choice questions and also providing a scale type answer on questions 5 and 14 which allowed the respondent the ease of not over thinking the response as they were Just required to circle a box. Danger and Fleming http://www. Recompilations. Com/Luzon/questionnaires. HTML (f), groups must discuss the KEY findings from their 20/25 surveys The key findings of the questionnaire will now be examined and analyses.
The main objectives, as 1 OFF reached only by the clear and easy to follow questionnaire which the team designed and this allowed for very clear and efficient reading of the results for analysis. The key findings made by the group included, In question one, respondents were asked ‘Do you usually spend your holidays in Ireland or abroad, Of the 20 people asked, 8 said abroad, 2 said in Ireland and 10 aid both showing a major majority to those who travel outside the country. This is illustrated in the graph The next key finding the group found was in question 2,the average length of stay whilst taking a holiday.
The findings showed that of the 20 people surveyed, 16 said they stay 5 days or more with 4 saying 3-4 days in total. This shows that people generally prefer 5 plus days away which for the average working person would be accurate as people generally tend to book 2 weeks off whether it be in summertime or other. Question 5 examined a table of questions which looked at how strongly people disagreed or agreed with certain statements. The one statement that stood out the most was Weather always plays a role when I am booking a holiday.
Of the 20 people examined, interestingly,4 disagreed, 6 were neutral, 6 agreed and 4 strongly agreed. This shows that half the people see weather as a major consideration when deciding to go on holidays and 6 neither agree nor disagree which could mean they just want to get away and don’t mind the weather. Also in this section of statements was the statement, ‘l want to go on a holiday sometime soon’. The results to this were say to predict didn’t disappoint. 11 of the 20 asked said they strongly agree and 9 said they agree with going away soon.
This could possibly have to do with the time of year which we did the survey, the evenings are getting darker, nights getting colder which could lead people to think of sunny beaches and sun pushing them to want to go on holiday sometime soon. Question 8 looked at what of transport people were more likely to take. This was asked in a scale format with 1 being you’re most preferred and 6 being least preferred. The unanimous verdict on this question was hat Airplane was the preferred choice of travel, Train coming second and Boat coming third.
Air travel today is extremely accessible and affordable for people in all walks of life. Ireland now has 5 major international airports, all of which are nodal points and can be reached easily and efficiently by other modes of transport such as car, bus or train. Question 9 looked at what countries the respondent had been to before from a list of countries. Of the 20 people examined, 20 had been to Spain. This really makes correlates with the other questions as people had already said in revises questions that weather plays a key role and also that the majority of them usually take their holidays abroad. 0 people had been to Great Britain which also shows evidence of the accessibility nowadays to get to Britain from Ireland by air or by boat. One of the main objectives of the questionnaire was examined in question 10. This looked at the financial dimension of people when going on holiday at home or abroad. Of the 20 asked, 8 said their average spend in Euro would be 401-600 with 4 people saying each of the other 3 categories. The Euro allows people travel easily to ND from the continent with thousands of cash points and no need to change money over whilst traveling in the continent.
It also shows that people do have the money to Question 11 gave respondents the options of ticking a box to what they look for whilst on holiday. Of the 20 examined, 12 said culture, 12 said food 12 said the beach,14 said leisure, 17 said to relax and 10 said adventure. This shows people really want to just relax, eat and be near a beach which is true in a lot of cases and shows that people do need to get away for a week or two in order to unwind and relax from their acetic lives. This is illustrated in the graph below, Question 13 gave statements and the respondents had to circle yes or no to each statement.
The 3 main observations from this part was that of the 20 people asked, 20 said yes to ‘l like to travel to different countries, 16 said they ‘like learning about different cultures’ with 4 saying they don’t like it and interestingly, when given the statement of ‘l like going places where they speak English’, 5 respondents said yes with 15 saying no. This reiterates question 11 when 12 people said they look for ultra on holiday and here one can see that 15 of the 20 don’t want to go somewhere where they speak English.
This shows the multi cultural which people are now adopting. This can be seen by the vast and diverse affordable destinations made available by airlines and travel providers which are now very accessible such as, Dublin, Hong Kong or even Africa. Another key finding of the questionnaire was observed in question 14 where respondents were given a table with factors of importance to them when taking a holiday, here -2 was the lowest concern and +2 as the highest concern.
The Weather was the winner here with 14 people giving it a +1 and 4 giving it a +2, which shows people see weather as a major factor when considering and deciding going on holiday abroad or at home. As seen in the first assignment, the weather plays a huge role in people’s lives and especially in Ireland where it is usually wet and windy. One needs vitamin D and sunlight to survive and this could be a reason for people wanting to go on vacations rather than citations and thus opting to go abroad where there in almost certainty of sun.
Another key finding was that of the finances and how highly they rate it in their list of importance. Interestingly 6 people gave it a O, 9 gave it a +1 and 3 gave it a +3. This shows people are not overly concerned by finances and actually a lot of places people go on holidays abroad can be relatively cheaper than here at home. The flights are cheap, accommodation is cheap and the cost of living in aloft places like Spain is cheaper which Is again reiterated in question 9 where the 20 people had been to Spain. Of the 20 people examined, 9 were male and 11 were female.

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