Marketing Plan Reflection


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Let’s compare the Marketing Analysis Project to the course objectives and answer the questions listed below:

Course Objectives:

Demonstrate a working knowledge and application of marketing terminology, concepts, activities and strategies.
Demonstrate an understanding of marketing functions within the organization and the role of marketing in creating value for customers.
Demonstrate quantitative and qualitative analytical skills utilized in making marketing decisions.
Demonstrate the factors involved in the management of the marketing function relative to product development, promotion, pricing, physical distribution, and determination of marketing objectives within the framework of the marketing system in domestic and international markets.
Demonstrate teamwork and intellectual innovation through group assignments which improve students’ abilities provide a spirit of leadership, to work and interact with persons different from themselves and encourage diverse perspectives.
Were all the course objectives met? If so, describe how.
Based on your learning experience how will the skills and knowledge learned assist you in the future (courses, life, profession)?
Describe the overall group experience. (How well did the group work as a team? What did you learn about group activities? How were group conflicts resolved? Did the group assign a leader? Include any additional information about the group activity experience you would like to share.)
Relate back to the first week when you answered questions about your knowledge of marketing and what you hope to gain from the course. Did your idea of marketing change? Did you get out of the course what you had hoped to?




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