Milk or No Milk?

Your question:  Should humans drink milk after they are beyond the age of being breast fed or bottle fed (let’s say early childhood years)?

Your task:  Choose a side – we should not drink milk past early childhood or we should drink milk past early childhood

Your post: You should present some basic research findings about the pros and cons of drinking milk and the science behind why people argue for or against drinking milk.  Present your position on the argument and support your choice with your research.  In your post, you should include a definition of a food allergy vs. a food intolerance or sensitivity.  We are not debating that people that have a true allergy to milk should drink it.  For example, someone that will go into anaphylactic shock should not be forced to drink milk because we have told them they need the calcium.  However, what about the rest of us?
use credible sources for works cited

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