My Worst Nightmare

As the rain hit me like a thousand knifes, I checked my disreputable, scruffy watch for the time. I had a few more minutes until I had to be at the diminutive, quiet corner shop across from the busy train station to meet Emmy before school.
The rain was starting to come down heavier so I took out my incomplete tartan umbrella and covered my reddish-brown hair.
Black clouds filled the sky like poisonous fumes in the clear blue sky. I could barely see the deserted phone box ahead of me because of the intense muggy fog. I started to feel worried and nervous as I hated Emmy shouting at me every time I was late. I heard a car pull up by the side of the abandoned street a few metres ahead of me. From what I could see, the old car was blue and inside it were two men.

As I innocently hurried past the tatty vehicle one of the men bellowed… “Scuze me, got the time darlin’?”
“Sorry, I’m in a rush, can’t stop.” I replied
“Jump in, I’ll drive you. Where you off to?”
I thought about it for a few seconds then took up the offer.
“Well just around the corner then, cheers.”
“Hop in then, what ya waiting for?”
I didn’t feel scared, although I knew it was wrong. I was fine; I just concentrated on getting to the shops in time. Time passed slowly and the traffic was diabolical.
“Look guys, thanks a lot but if you don’t mind I’ll get out here and walk, the traffics gonna take forever”
“No, we’ll get you there don’t worry.”
I unlatched my rough seat belt and attempted to open the chipped, jammed door but it just wouldn’t budge. I started to panic; the two men who seemed to be nice gentlemen had now turned into my worst nightmare. Sweat poured down my delicate face like a swiftly dripping tap.
“You’re staying put young lady, until I say so” said the driver sternly. I was terrified, where were they taking me?
I slowly pulled out my red, run down phone and started to dial in ‘999’. I trembled with fear as I keyed in the three simple digits. “What you got there hey?” I quickly slid the phone behind my stiff back as I hesitated to answer the fully-grown, evil looking man. “Nothing, I swear, nothing” ” You liar, give that to me you little brat!” I started to cry, I felt scared, I wish I’d taken the sensible way out and walked to meet Emmy.
We passed the bakery; I could smell the succulent sweet, freshly cooked bread, which reminded me of home. Tears ran down my cheeks like the rain on the car window
They pulled up outside a desolate warehouse, fear ripped through me like a cat tearing at a cushion. I looked around to see if I recognized where I was but I could just about focus on the horse riding stables and I knew that I was close to a local bus station. They dragged me into the warehouse like a sack of rotten potatoes. The warehouse smelt of vermin and vomit. It was dark and bloodcurdling. The walls were painted dark, repulsive green and they were covered in dirt and stains. There were only two chairs in the tiny warehouse, except for a few empty cans of beer lying around the floor. Rats scattered the cold floor for the slightest bit of food. The air was misty and smelt of damp clothes.
The men tied me up to a loose, rusty radiator and started to search my pockets, they pulled out a florescent green lighter. The small man laughed in my face and dashed the lighter across the floor. I felt my heart skip a beat. The tallest man slapped me across the face, I screamed with pain and trepidation.
I began to aggressively cry again, the small hideous man kicked me and slammed an empty Fosters can in my eye. It hurt like hell. How long would I be here? Thos questions ran back and forth through my head like a swing.
As the men headed towards the door, the tall obese man called out “there’s no way of escaping!” They both sneered with joy together as they left me alone in the empty warehouse.
I lent back against the freezing, brittle radiator. Tears streamed down my face. ‘How could I be so stupid?’ I thought of my mum, I wanted to be with her, for her to cuddle me like I was a little kid again. “Help, can anybody here me?” I gave up, nobody could here me, and so I sat there and waited, and waited. I suddenly heard a knocking at the door. “Hello?” I was desperate to here a reply. “Help me please, I can’t get up, I’m tied up” Surprising there was a voice, a friendly voice. “Just give me a minute, I’m doing all I can to get in”
My heart was beating faster than the speed of light. This could be my chance to get out, to escape and be free of these daunting men.
The person on the other side of the door was shaking the door and from what I could here it sounded like they were hitting the door with an axe. After 20 minutes the door finally gave way, and when it opened, standing in the doorway was a tall figure. He ran over and started to untie the ropes around my arms and legs. I stood up and stared at the man, he looked so kind and gentle. I gave him the biggest hug and insisted we got out of there as quickly as possible.
The man, Mathew, drove me home. In the car it was silent, I was still in great shock and he didn’t know what to say to make me feel better. When we got to my road, I thanked him and got out of the car. He watched me walk to my door to make sure I got there ok. I rang the bell, and after a few seconds my mum answered the door. It was such a relief to see her; I gave her a massive hug as tears streamed down my face. She looked at me in confusion as we went into the house. We both sat down on the leather sofa, as I began to tell her the story of my worst nightmare.

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