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For this assignment, you will need to plan ahead. During these last 4 weeks of the semester, you must watch a live symphony orchestra concert, opera, musical with live music accompanying, jazz big band, jazz combo, or chamber ensemble with at least three performers in order to complete it. At the bottom of this assignment you will find a list of suggested concerts.
– Alternative Formats

You will need to have paper and pen to take notes. Some students find it helpful to make a chart beforehand of the musical elements and write comments in each category about each piece on the program throughout the concert.  Have fun!

  1. Write the equivalent of a 2-3 page report giving a review of the concert you attended. Your review must include the following:
    1. What kind of listener were you at the concert? Why?
    2. What pieces were performed?
    3. What was the style of each of the pieces performed?
    4. What was the instrumentation of the ensemble?
    5. Draw out and upload the seating arrangement of the instruments in the ensemble. 
  2. Analyze 3-4 pieces played during the concert using the following criteria from the course:
    • Unity and Variety
    • Structure of the Music
    • Purpose of the Music
    • Tempo
    • Volume
    • Rhythm
    • Melody
    • Harmony
    • Form
    • Historical Period
  3. View the  sample of a well-written concert report sample of a well-written concert report – Alternative Formats .
  4. Use Microsoft Word to type your report. Save as .docx, .rtf, or .pdf format.
  5. Run a spell check/grammar check (under the “Review” menu in Word). Correct grammar and spelling will be part of your grade.
  6. Copy and paste your proof-read assignment into the Assignment Drop Box (not the “Comments” Box.)

All written assignments will run through SafeAssign, Blackboard’s plagiarism checking tool. Be sure to paraphrase appropriately.
See the Rubric for how your grade will be determined.

See Calendar for due date.

  Need help with Blackboard?  Review the Submitting Assignments  video.

Choose one of the concerts below 

Symphony Orchestras 

Detroit Symphony, Berlioz, Symphony Fantastique 

Chicago Symphony, Beethoven 9th Symphony 

London Symphony, Stravinsky, Rite of Spring (Rite of Spring program notes) 

Boston Symphony Orchestra, Tchaikovsky Symphony #5 Leonard Bernstein conducting 

Helene Grimaud, Brahms piano concerto No.1 

Chamber Music 

Tchaikovsky serenade for strings, Concertgebouw chamber orchestra 

Vivaldi Four Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter 

Acappela chamber choir concert. VOCES8 

J.S. Bach, German Brass Concert 

Woodwind Ensemble, Windsync Chamber Music Concert 

Jazz Concert 

Jazz at Lincoln Center 

Al Jarreau, Jazz vocalist, live concert 

Nina Simone, Jazz vocalist, live concert 

Keith Jarrett, Standard trio, live concert 

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