Organizational Issues Discussion

Organizational Issues

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Supporting employees’ goals is one of the major organizational strategies that can increase organizational production as well as employees’ performances. The support also encourages the employees to perform better and help in retaining their loyalty with the organization. Supporting employees’ goals also means offering the employees higher positions in the organization when they excel in their careers. It is also necessary that the organizational goals are aligned with the employees’ goals so that the organization may reap the benefits from the employees’ skills. Since organizations cannot thrive in the market without employees, therefore, employees are the most crucial part of an organization. It is also obligatory for the organization to pay close attention to employees’ needs so that they may remain loyal to the organization.  Every organization needs to support employees’ goals to bring improvement in their work. According to Tamunomiebi and Oyibo (2020), improvement in employees’ work ultimately means an improvement in organizational production. If the organization wants to increase the quality of its production, it is necessary to support employees’ skills. Similarly, organizational management can also play a big role in supporting employees’ goals. Employees are needed to encourage to improve their technical skills as well as personal developments. On-Ramps has played a major role in Amy’s career by showing support in her educational goals. On-Ramps has also set specific goals to measure her performance that helped the company to reap benefit from her skills. The company has also provided her a flexible job schedule so that she can continue her studies as well as focus on her responsibilities as an employee. Amy is an important asset for the firm due to which they do not want to lose her. In the case of employee mismanagement, the organization can face a lot of issues such as less productivity, relationship with customers, failure to meet market demands, poor communication structure, etc.

The above scenario is about a startup company that follows a natural system as the system is concern more about employees’ well-being and informal structure. Despite having seniors employees, organizations allow other employees to make decisions independently. According to Kandhro (2015), the natural system focuses more on the formal structure of the organization rather than informal. This approach also focuses on organizational survival by adopting differnt tactics.


The first theory that applies in the current scenario is the theory of motivation as On-Ramps supported Amy and her academic goals (Butenko, 2020). The management was aware of her performance in the organization, therefore, they encouraged her to continue her studies. Knowing her worth, the management carefully planned her job responsibilities so that she can easily continue her academic goals. Another theory that can be applied to the current scenario is the goal-setting theory. According to this theory, an action plan in an organization is designed to motivate the employees to achieve a common goal. On-Ramps also recognized the efforts made by Amy in order to set her career goals with her academic goals. Zwikael et al., (2018), explained the goal-setting theory according to which the employees work hard to yield desirable outcomes while organizations take care of its employees by aligning their efforts with defined objectives. On-Ramps respected Amy’s choice to continue her master’s degree and provided her enough time to complete her job needs.

Lastly, Vroom’s expectancy theory is also applicable to the current scenario. According to this theory, an individual is expected to behave in a certain way as he/she is motivated to achieve that behavior (Abdul Rehman et al., 2019). Since On-Ramp encouraged Amy to achieve her educational goals, therefore, they let her believe that her efforts are worthful for her future as well as for the organization’s future. Amy also needs to perform well in the organization because when she will be done with her master’s degree, she knows there will be a better position for her in the organization. Her hard work and dedication to the firm is the primary reason why the organization is putting this much effort to retain her. Another reason why the organization is so polite to her is that they will also be benefited from her master’s degree.

Personal Perspective

In my opinion, the organization should support every employee’s goals whether it is related to his/her academic success or personal perspective. The organizations should not only focus on their own benefits but also needs to understand the personal needs of the employees. Since the company was founded only three years ago, therefore, they need Amy’s skills in the future. Her choices are influenced by the organizational decisions as it is clear they don’t want to lose her. It is therefore clear that the organization is only supporting her as it is in their best interest. There are also other reasons that justify the organization’s decision to support Amy. For example, Amy was a star performer, and she was leading her firm from the front. The company also feared that they would not find another person like her. Therefore, the company is motivating her to achieve her academic goals as per Vroom’s expectancy theory. However, the organization’s behavior should also be the same towards their other employees as they treated Amy. By empowering weaker employees, they can easily excel in the international market. Bible has also emphasized on equal rights. It has been mentioned multiple times in Bible to treat everyone equal. ““Do not deny justice to your poor people in their lawsuits” (Exodus 23:6, New International Version).

Lastly, the leaders in an organization also play an important role in defining employees’ goals and measure their performances. The leaders should treat all employees as a team and should raise voice for the weakest. This means the leverages Amy has should also be available to other employees.






















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