ORIF Tibia and Fibula

Demonstrates surgeon-level knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the skin, subq fat, fascia, muscle, and other layers encountered in the incision under discussion

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Displays surgeon-level comprehension of the anatomical structure being operated on


Awareness of other related structures that may be involved in the procedure or may take insight and knowledge of the structure to avoid injuring it


Understands the vasculature related to the structure including the origin of the artery, any anastomoses involved, collateral blood supply


Described any nerves that become part of the procedure or effort may be needed in order to avoid injury to the structure


Defines any widely used eponyms in the anatomy under discussion


Paper written as though you were teaching this subject


Adequate pictures were used to illustrate the surgical anatomy


Adequately attributed info and quotations to original author


Research materials are surgeon-level. Would be used by surgical resident in learning about the surgical anatomy.


Did the paper receive a passing score?

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