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Using the attached CAPS form, and the information provided on a student, think about how you would embed skills for this student with autism throughout the day in an inclusion classroom as the general educator.  CAPSForm_2_.doc   You can add information to the basic information provided if it is helpful to filling out the form.
STUDENT:  Charlie is 7 years old, in an inclusive classroom at a CMSD school, first grade.  There is a teacher and paraprofessional in the classroom, but the para is assigned to work with all the students not just Charlie.  Charlie has an IEP and is eligible for services under the IDEA category of Autism.  He has a medical diagnosis of autism as well.  Charlie was in an inclusive Head Start program for pre k experience.  He is verbal but has some echolalia (repeats phrases and words).  He has some difficulty with reading comprehension.  Although he is verbal and communicates in phrases and sentences he is often off topic and he has difficulty with the pragmatics of language (social communication).   The intervention specialist provides services in a resource room.  He works with the IS for two hours a day, usually in the morning when the rest of the class is involved in direct instruction reading program.  The IS provides intervention in the area of reading, specifically comprehension, as well as language (vocabulary development, staying on topic during conversations and taking turns).  She provides consultation to the general education teacher for one hour each week.  The speech therapist sees Charlie for 4 hours a month in a pull out session with focus on conversational skills.  The occupational therapist has provided consultation services to the general educator to help modify the environment to help Charlie meet his sensory needs.  He has difficulty staying on task and he has has difficulty working in small groups.  Here is one annual goal from the IEP as well as the current short term objective for him.  Based on your knowledge of a primary classroom, fill out the CAPS form indicating how you would embed social communication throughout the school day.
Annual Goal:  Given a visual schedule, and opportunities to participate in a sensory integration activities, Charlie will participate in various small group activities throughout the day by staying on task, raising his hand and taking turns in conversation with 1 verbal prompt for 20 minutes for 10 consecutive data sessions.
Short term objective:  Given no more than 3 verbal prompts during daily small group activities or classroom group activities, Charlie with participate in a short (no more than 10 minutes) routine or activity by staying on task and asking or making two appropriate comments during the activity for 5 consecutive days.  
How would you embed this practice throughout the day?  Fill out the CAPS form

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Comprehensive Autism Planning System (CAPS) (adapted for CSU use)
Child/Student: ____________________________________________________  *ss=state standard
Targeted Skills to Teach
Structure/ Modifications
Sensory Strategies
Communication/ Social Skills
Data Collection
Generalized Plan
Circle time/morning meeting
Literacy centers 
Math centers
Lunch/Playground or recess 
From Henry, S. A., & Myles, B. S. (2007). The Comprehensive Autism Planning System (CAPS) for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome, Autism, and Related Disabilities. Shawnee Mission, KS: Autism Asperger Publishing Company.; used with permission.

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