Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal Assignment Instructions:

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Analyze the following article:

3 Ways Performance Reviews Are Getting Revamped — For the Better, by

Stephanie Taylor Christiansen, September 25, 2015, Forbes Magazine

In-Text citation (Christiansen,

2015) Reference:

Christiansen, S.T. (2015). 3 Ways Performance Reviews Are Getting Revamped – For the Better. Retrieved from performance-reviews- are-getting-revamped-for-the-better/#2135d41a69ec

Answer EACH of the six (6) questions separately (include the question with each response). The paper needs in-depth research and analysis to show understanding and knowledge of the points raised by the author/s in relationship to the Performance Appraisal process.

Note: the Christiansen (2015) article, along with two to three outside academic sources, are required as references for the following questions:

1. Why was the performance appraisal first established? What was its purpose?

2. What are the problems with the Annual Review and how can it be fixed?

3. What type of Performance Review provides the best feedback? (based on academic data)

4. Link the Performance Review to Compensation. What is the connection

between the Performance Appraisal and Compensation?

5. Find at least three companies from the Christiansen (2015) article and another

source who use Compensation perks that drive performance. More extensive research may be needed. Use your search skills. A minimum of three companies and what compensation perks they provide their employees.

6. After you finished your research describe in your words what you feel is the best Performance Appraisal method and why?



 Additional research is needed. Find an academic article (from the readings and resources, or valid business source such as Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, SHRM, Harvard Business Review, etc.).

 Microsoft Word Document with APA formatting and 12 pt. fonts double spaced.

 Each question requires a minimum of three paragraphs of information cited

per APA format.

 APA format requires a cover sheet, introduction, contents, and at the end of

the paper a list of the references.

Cite all your sources and incorporate them in your Reference (APA format guidelines under College Success Resources)

Each question should be answered separately with a minimum of three

paragraphs of sufficient data.

Important: The purpose of this assignment is to measure the student’s understanding of the lessons learned via class lectures, supporting documentations within the Units and outside research. Cutting and pasting from a resource are not allowed. You need to research a topic for full understanding and then present the information in your words. All paraphrased (reworded) information needs to be cited in accord with APA guidelines. Safe Assign is used to prevent plagiarism. The APA format gives students’ the tool to correctly identify sources.

Performance Management and Appraisals – the attached is just one of the many references to help you understand the purposes of Performance Appraisals.

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