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Write a one page, single spaced, (Except skip a space between paras.) three paragraph, self-reflective cover memo for your Portfolio addressing your progress in writing this quarter. SUGGEST YOUR FIRST PARA BE GENERAL IN NATURE and might include practice in organization, analysis, use of evidence, proofreading, peer editing, writing process, etc. SUGGEST THE SECOND PARA BE MORE SPECIFIC. You wrote seven graded essays: Previous Education Body Para, Family Background Body Para, Success in 1A Argumentative Theme, “Patriotism” Analysis para, LES MIS Midterm (In class), THE STRANGER Analysis Para, and your long Camus Paper (aka Magnum Opus). Address one or two specifically. What did you learn about writing by writing these papers? AND CONCLUDE WITH A THIRD SPECIFIC PARA HERE. How do you feel your writing improved this quarter? Feel free to address that as well as areas you still need to work on. Did you find peer editing helpful; if so how? And if you availed yourself of tudent Success Center support, how did that work for you?  I am an international student, so my writing was not very good. Before I took this class, my writing was not organized well and my vocabulary was not enough to express my thought, thus, my sentence was not profound. I have improved a bit during this class. You can write a bit about my strengths and weaknesses in my papers. Please read my “essays” file carefully to reflect my writing, and read “requirements-for-essays” file to know how well I did these essays Please use specific examples from my essays to analyze my writing, and use your own word to write reflect essay, don’t reuse my word on my essays (except citing)

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