Project Management

Please find below the requirements for your case written assignment. A rubric was designed for this assignment which you should review and follow. The report needs to submitted as an MS Word file; its length is limited to a maximum of 5 pages (1.5 spaced, 12-pitch font, with 1-inch margins; please see below for more details).
1.    Your paper should have:
    page numbers on all pages except the cover page,
    a cover page that includes title, date, and your name– does not count for the page limit,
    a table of contents (with page numbers) — does not count for the page limit,
    a References section (do not cite the case itself) — does not count for the page limit,
    an appendix (if needed) — does not count for the page limit.
(Notice that these do not count towards the 5 page maximum.)

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2.    The paper should have a professional appearance. Please use the following guidelines:
    Sections and sub-sections of the report should be clearly titled and numbered as shown in the outline.
    No grammar or spelling errors.
    You are encouraged to use tables, graphs, charts, figures etc. in your paper. I think using them is a great way to present your analysis, and they are used extensively in the business world. Each should have a title and number. Also, if you place them in the appendix, you can refer to them with their numbers in the main text. As mentioned before, appendix does not count for the page limit.
    Pages should have 1-inch left, right, top and bottom margins.
    Please use 1.5 line spacing.
    Please use 12-pitch font.
    Please use portrait layout.

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