Recruitment Advertising

In this assignment, assume you work for a consulting firm and have been tasked to help fill a position for a client company. The company is a private-sector business located in your home state.

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First, go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, latest edition ( ) and research a position that is interesting to you. Assume that this position is the position you need to fill for this assignment. You are to address each of the following:

Develop a one-page job announcement, recruitment flier to announce the industry-specific opening. This ad/flier could be put on your consulting company’s website as well as other locations. Creatively, match the flyer design to the client’s industry.

Should diversity and inclusion be built into the recruitment flier? If so, how?

[This flier needs to be submitted in the assignment drop box along with the essay as described below.]

In your essay, include the following sections:

Introduction. (No heading is needed for the introduction section that introduces your reader to your paper.) Note: The introduction is often written last after your other sections are completed.

Comparing Job Announcements: (provide heading of your choice).

[In order to write this section, first view a website such as and locate a job announcement for the same position. Alternatively, you can meet with your company’s HRM and review a similar job announcement.]

Compare the obtained announcement with the one you created and write about the differences you see:

Which ones are in the announcement you obtained but not in your created announcement?
Which ones are in your announcement but not in the one you found?
Would you change your announcement to incorporate any of the differences that you noted being on one announcement but not in the other? Why or why not?
Critique how diversity and inclusion is addressed in your announcement as compared to the announcement you found.
Recruiting Strategies: (provide heading of your choice).

Explain in detail what recruiting strategies you would employ to find candidates qualified for this opening for your client company.

Selection Processes: (provide heading of your choice).

Describe which selection processes you will use to choose the best person for the job.

Conclusion: (heading is optional; it is up to you). Don’t forget to wrap up your essay with a few summary statements.

Support your work by using high-quality references (at least two that are found in the  Online Library).
******NOTE******This assignment requires two submitted documents, (a) the job announcement/recruitment flier, and (b) a 3- to 4-page Word document (not counting the cover page or the reference page).

The grading rubric for information literacy at the undergraduate level assesses student success in meeting the MGT407 Case 2 expectations related to information literacy

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The post Recruitment Advertising appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Recruitment Advertising appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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