relate topic to the essay

For this paper you will compare two movements written between 1600-1750. These movements can be by the same composer or even from the same piece or can be by two different composers, but there should be something to connect the pieces. For instance they could both be violin sonatas, or they could be written in the same decade or the same place. You need to decide which movement or piece best represents the ideals of the Baroque period. You should state which work you believe is more truly Baroque and why as your thesis.

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If there is another aspect of the Baroque that you would like to explore – social class, gender etc. – you are welcome to do that as well, but in that case you should check in with me before you proceed.

You will need to have an argument, structure the paper around that argument, and have both musical details and historical content. You should have at least three sources and refer to these sources. Any quotes you use should not be longer than three lines.


Papers must be in your own words and quotations must be cited. You may not copy and paste things from the internet and put them in your papers unless it is a proper quote and you give credit to the person who wrote it and the quote is no more than three lines long. Taking things from other sources without citing them is considered stealing and called plagiarism. It is very serious, and you must always be very careful to avoid it. Just changing a few words of a source is paraphrasing and must also be properly cited or it is also plagiarism. If you are unsure about something just ask me or err on the side of citing it.

If you use any ideas or phrases from other sources, you must cite your source! If you cite the textbook, you can just put (Hanning, p. 23), lecture (Lecture, 9/30). You do not need to cite standard facts such as composers’ birthdates, but if in doubt it is better to put a citation. I suggest using Chicago style, but for this paper if you have a standard citation style such as MLA you prefer you may use that style. We will go over citations in more depth in class but I recommend the Chicago Manual of Style Quick Citation Guide
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Optional Outline Template

You are welcome to use this template to help structure your paper, though it is not required. It is a good idea to use an outline like this to organize your ideas before you start.

Outline Template.docx

Research resources

A great place to find information is JSTOR
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, a database of scholarly articles. You have access through Pierce, but you’ll need to sign in.

There are also many other great resources on the Pierce College Library
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website, including this list of databases
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. Google books is also a very helpful, even books where you only can get a preview can have valuable information and you can search in the book for your keywords.


Please use Times New Roman or a comparable font in size and readability. Margins should be one inch or another standard size. Please double-space your essay and indent the paragraphs. Your name and the title of the paper should be clearly stated at the top of the paper.

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