Repair Report Comfort Industries

Reformat and repair a “draft” report including design features such as headings, figure captions, correct spacing and visual elements. The report is about 5 pages long with a cover page. The report is in the right order and the elements are there. There is no formatting of the headings and other elements. The tables and figures are at the end of the document. The main headings are at the top. The spacing was not developed. It is in roughly the correct order. Your task is to “make it look right.” Apply the design principles. This may also require you to polish some word processing skills to make it look better.

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There are multiple ways to get this done. In this way there are multiple “right” answers. The criteria is to be effective for the reader to access and work with the information provided. This does not have to be over designed. You do not have to use all of the designs and formats in the textbook. It should be adequate to show the reader the structure and the information. The purpose here is to develop some skill with manipulation of the elements and to develop an important awareness of how design influences the perception of the document.


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