Research APA Paper 2 Diversity

3 page APA

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Assignment 4: Research Paper 2

The purpose of Research Paper assignment is to practice critical thinking and writing skills while learning about a topic in Diversity Management that interests you. This assignment will also help you gain confidence and facility in using research tools, a better understanding of disciplinary criteria, and a sense of how scholars use resources in their research.

You will be responsible for completing each research paper on different topics related to Diversity Management. You are required to write a 3 page paper (the Title, Abstract Page and Reference Page are not part of these pages). You can make this research either an Article Review or a more “free flowing” discussion of the topic. More details about the Research Paper assignment will be provided in the Module 2 folder. Level headings are required for each topic being discussed in the paper.

To make this assignment as meaningful and interesting to you as possible, you will have considerable flexibility in choosing a topic and approach for this paper, as long as it is somehow related to diversity in the workplace.

Suggested Research Topics include:

• Diversity Management in America

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