Research Report Assignment

Research Report
1. Search out (googling or references) for fields of applications of thermodynamics2. Choose one field of applications; all kinds of engines, power plant, air conditining, renewable energy, buring trashes, green house effect, Ozone layer, applications of combustion, environmental fields in association with thermodynamics, etc. You may use one of the examples in the course canvas.3. Research types of engineering jobs in the field of the thermodynamics application and gather informations of the joba) Research the companies for engineering jobs and select two.b) List the names of companies that you researched and describe the technologies of the companies.c) Descriptions of engneering Job openning and Job duty of the positiond) Gather knowledge of the technology and skills necessary for the jobe) List Interview questions and best answers for the questions4. Your reflection on the benefit of this project in finding your intership or jobsLengths; 4-5 page long of wordings and figuresFont size 11, double spaceMake sure the companies you choose are in the US please.A sample is attached.Sample#1
Job Duties of a Research and Development Engineer at a Heating and Exhaust Ventilation
This report provides a description of the job duties of an engineer in the field of
thermodynamics. More specifically, the job duties of a Research and Development Engineer for a
Heating and Exhaust company are outlined. The company name is Duravent, and information of the job
duties was obtained through previous work experience at the company as well as coworker input. After
describing the typical duties of a Research and Development Engineer at Duravent, the benefit of this
report in finding future jobs will be reflected upon.
In the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to work for a heating and exhaust manufacturing
company, Duravent, as a Mechanical Engineering Intern. Duravent is a leading producer of heating and
exhaust vents used in residential and commercial buildings. Their vents are used in appliances like
fireplaces, chimneys, and stoves, as well as industrial heating and ventilation units. Duravent produces
all of their products in an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Vacaville, California. Their
engineering department is also located on site.
Duravent’s engineering department consists of Manufacturing, Product Design, and Research
and Development groups, all of which work together to make sure Duravent delivers the highest quality
of product to their customers. And since they are working with the transfer of heat through vents, every
engineer has to be familiar with the fundamentals of thermodynamics. This especially applies to the
Research and Development group, as they are in charge of the innovation, testing, and validation of new
and existing products. They have to understand the nature of how heat is transferred so that they can
help the Product Design group design products that are safe and meet customer needs.
As a Mechanical Engineering Intern, I was working with the Research and Development group
on a particularly unique project modifying existing machine components on a vent-making machine to
improve product quality. Although this project itself did not require detailed thermodynamic analysis,
working closely with the Research and Development group gave me great insight into the
thermodynamic analysis that is used in their daily jobs. I was exposed to the research, simulation, and
testing that took place in the Research and Development lab. Additionally, I learned a lot about the job
from spending time with my coworkers outside of work and learning about what they do. The following
paragraphs are a description of the duties of a Research and Development Engineer at Duravent.
Job Duties:
One of the biggest responsibilities of a Research and Development Engineer at Duravent is the
testing and verification of products. When dealing with high temperature exhaust, a faulty or
underperforming product can result in property or life damage.
For this reason, there are strict rules and
requirements that must be met in order to certify a vent for commercial sale. Not meeting these
requirements is a huge liability for a company like Duravent that makes thousands of vents a day. One
faulty manufacturing set up, for example, can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.
For this reason, every Duravent product is thoroughly tested and certified before going into mass
production. The certification process involves different kinds of thermodynamic testing and
experiments. The type of test depends on the product, but some of the most common ones are a heat
test, a water vapor test, a structural integrity test, and an air flow test. The heat test, for example, raises
the temperature in a vent incrementally and observes the material deformation and behavior to see if it
is within the certification guidelines. If not, the product cannot go into commercial production.
Another essential duty of a Research and Development Engineer at Duravent is the research,
analysis, and simulation of new product ideas. Since product development efforts are extremely time,
labor, and capital intensive, it is only viable to undertake the development of a new product if there is a
degree of certainty that it will be worth it. It is the Research and Development Engineers responsibility
to provide the relevant research, analysis, and simulations to help executives make crucial decisions
regarding which products are worth pursuing and which ones are not. This is a huge responsibility that
can either make the company lots of money or cause a major loss if done incorrectly.
One example of research being done at Duravent is research into the flexibility of different vent
cross-sections. The flexibility of a vent affects how easy or difficult it is for the end user to manipulate
and install the vent. Flexibility also affects the required packaging size, since a more flexible vent can be
compressed to a smaller size and shipped more efficiently and cost effectively. As part of the research,
engineers have simulated and tested the response of different cross sections subjected to pull testing. A
breakthrough in this research can potentially improve the company’s product, reduce costs, and
increase market-share.
The duties of a Research and Development Engineer at Duravent are integral to the success of
the company. This job requires a fundamental understanding of thermodynamics since the product
deals directly with heat and exhaust gases. For this reason, the job is a perfect example of a job in the
field of thermodynamics. Understanding the job duties of a Research and Development Engineer at
Duravent can help foster an understanding of the value such an engineer provides. Aspiring engineers
have a better chance of getting this kind of job if they learn the theory and skills required to be able to
provide the same value to the marketplace.
Research exercises like this report can be very helpful in job search for students because it
requires the student to understand the job as well as the company in which the job is offered.
Personally, I
think that this research approach has the potential to improve the odds of getting any job that is applied
to. Especially in the interview phase, being able to resonate with the company needs and the job
requirements is a huge advantage. Employers will see such a candidate as prepared and proactive.

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