Paolo Freire’s introductory chapter provides us with a framework as well as a call to action. The framework presents an important outline for what liberatory practice should look like, centering the oppressed and the pedagogy born out of their struggles. His part on solidarity serves as a framework for us, the privileged classes, to rethink our work and become class traitors. That is, not seeing oppressed people as charitable cases but on their own terms, terms which may unsettle our preconceived notions and assumptions of what lies beneath the surface of an illusory well-functioning society.

The personal accounts of Jerome, Daniel, and Robert present a raw look into the realities of members of neglected communities that are only made visible in the face of hyper-policing, mass incarceration, and daily criminalization.
In preparation for their talk and with Freire in mind, think about your role as college students within this context. Using the SF student strike of 1968 as an example, how can we think of revolutionary solidarity from the university? Begin by identifying the essential structure of liberatory practice as presented by Freire. Then while reading the personal account of Rideau, Morgan and Jones, think of how we may be in solidarity with them. More so then just passive observers with fetishized gazes, how does Paolo Freire provide us with a lens or a provisional framework in his chapter to be in authentic solidarity with them? What is the example made by the SF students?

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